Emily Crandall

Emily Crandall is a character in the game Secret of the Old Clock. She has most recently lost her mom and lives at The Lilac Inn with her guardian, Jane. Nancy comes to the Lilac Inn to check on Emily who has been going a little crazy. Emily reports that she has been hearing and seeing things that no one else has been.

At the beginning of the game, a fire occurs in the kitchen. Before the fire, Emily shows Nancy a case full of jewelery that belonged to her mother. While Nancy talks to Jane after the fire, Emily screams that the jewelery is gone. Someone must have stolen it in the fire!

Emily is a very nice and sweet girl. However, people think that she has gone crazy because she has been hearing and seeing things. At one point in the game she says the picture in her bedroom just moved, and at other times she shushes Nancy because she thinks she hears voices.

Emily is nice, but maybe she's acting nice and innocent and she's just staged this whole jewelery theft so she can sell the inn and get out. Or maybe she really is innocent. Nancy must discover the Secret of the Old Clock to find out!