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George Fayne is Nancy Drew's friend. Nancy can call her in most of the games. She is a tomboy and, along with her cousin Bess Marvin, often offers Nancy help and advice. Her first and only game appearance is in Ransom of the Seven Ships, where her cousin Bess is kidnapped and Nancy must solve the case. George attempts and finally suceeds to fix a radiophone throughout the entire game. However, it is also possible to play as George by calling her on a walkie talkie, a first in the Nancy Drew series. George also has a cameo appearence in the follow-up game, Warnings at Waverly Acadamy, in a picture Nancy ca
Bess abd George

Bess and George in Shadow at the Water's Edge

n unpack from her suitcase.

Ransom of the Seven Ships

George in SWE

George in Shadow at the Water's Edge

George & Bess

A picture that Nancy brings to Waverly Academy