Jim Archer is a character in the game Secret of the Old Clock. He is the Crandall's banker and is a very nice and gentle man. He usually just sits in his office and reads the newspaper.

Jim Archer talks to Nancy in his office.

Nancy visits Jim to find out whether or not Emily Crandall's jewelery was insured. The jewelry was recently stolen! Jim informs Nancy that jewelry wasn't insured. He also informs Nancy that Josiah Crowley, a man who said he was going to leave money to the Crandalls but then it turned out he didn't put anything about them in his will, might have actually left them some money after all. The will that was found left everything to Richard Topham, a psychic, but that doesn't mean it's the real will. Jim Archer was also Josiah's banker and informs Nancy that he was promised something out of the will as well.

Jim says that the bank he works at is in fine shape but later in the game he admits that it's about to go under. Is it possible that Jim is the one trying to scare Emily away from the Lilac Inn? Is there money in it for him if she sells?