Lillian gets frusterated with Nancy in STFD.

Warning: This page contains spoilers for Stay Tuned for Danger.

Lillian Weiss is a character in Stay Tuned for Danger. She is the director of the soap opera Light of Our Love and has also dated one of the stars, Rick Arlen, who is receiving death threats. Lillian’s break-up with Rick did not go smoothly, and that she ended up dumping a pitcher of water on his head! Lillian does have anger management problems, and when searching Lillian’s office Nancy learns that she has a book on anger management.

Towards the beginning of the game, Lillian kicks Nancy off the set which causes her to become an extra working with Dwayne Powers so that Nancy can continue to snoop around. When Nancy searches Lillian’s office, Nancy also learns that she is the one who has sent Rick the "poisoned " chocolates, which were simply chocolates filles with castor oil. When Nancy confronts her about these later in the game, she gets mad and Nancy isn’t able to talk to her anymore. SPOILERS BEGIN HERE

At the end of the game, she calls Nancy telling her that they should meet in the studio at night. When Nancy meets her there, Lillian says that she has been doing some snooping herself and she thinks she knows who the culprit is. Nancy can accuse any suspect in the game, including Lillian, but no matter who Nancy decides to accuse, the culprit makes a dramatic entrance at the end of the conversation.