Mattie in her dressing room in STFD.

Mattie Jensen
is the self-worthless, overemotional soap opera star in Stay Tuned for Danger, and because of her nature to be overemotional, she is very upset for her ex-boyfriend, Rick Arlen, when he is getting death threats. Rick and Mattie are the stars of Light of Our Love, a soap opera. They have known each other for a while, and once played Romeo and Juliet in a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Mattie’s agent is Dwayne Powers.

Throughout STFD, Mattie is very friendly to Nancy causing her to be annoyed. At the beginning of the game, she’s at home but after that Nancy can visit her in her dressing room. Nancy stays at Mattie’s house in this game. Mattie grants Nancy access to the set, but soon Nancy is kicked out by director Lillian Weiss. Like Lillian, Mattie was also too in love with Rick due to her kindness and openly still is, especially open to Nancy about it when she first talks to her at home. Mattie then suggests to Nancy that she should become an extra so she can continue to explore the set. Mattie gets Dwayne Powers to be Nancy’s agent.

When Nancy asks Mattie why she and Rick broke up, she says that it was a mutual agreement. Another puzzle Nancy must solve in Mattie's dressing room is a letter ending their relationship. But is it possible both Rick and Mattie still harbor feelings for one another?

When exploring Mattie’s apartment, Nancy discovers that Mattie’s mother does not think that Mattie gets enough spotlight for the show, and all the light for Light Of Our Love gets cast upon Rick. If Mattie is the one sending Rick death threats, is this why? Does she think that Rick gets all the attention? Or maybe she wants to get back at him for breaking her heart? Stay Tuned!