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Rick Arlen flirts with Nancy in his dressing room at the beginning of STFD.

Rick Arlen is the arrogant star of the soap, Light of Our Love. He has dated both his co-star, Mattie Jensen, and the director, Lillian Weiss. Nancy is invited by Mattie to investigate the death threats that Rick Arlen is recieving. And as Stay Tuned for Danger progresses, it looks like just about anyone has a motive.

Rick and Mattie's relationship ended after they came to a mutual agreement that they should end it, but they may still harbor feelings for one another since they play love interests of LOOL. Rick broke it off with Lillian, who then dumped a pitcher of water on his head. Rick's former agent is Dwayne Powers, who says on the subject of Rick Arlen, "That man has no talent!" Millie, the head of the network which broadcasts LOOL has stated that she wants to write Rick's character, Rory Danner, off the show. And the producer, Bill Pappas, isn't happy with Rick at all. Looks like everyone has a motive against Rick! It's even possible that Rick has a motive against himself, seeing that he likes publicity and the death threats are giving him lots.

Some of the death threats against Rick include letters, bad chocolates, dead flowers, a poem, a falling klieg light, the teleprompter being tampered with to display words of how Rick's end is near, and a bomb in his dressing room.

Rick has a very arrogant personality. He flirts with Nancy often throughout the game, often saying, "Stay Beautiful!" Rick is also very dramatic. As the game goes on, rumors start to circle that he might be leaving LOOL! He may have been based on Daryl Gray, since they both seem to have a romantic intrest in Nancy and enjoy flirting with her.